workshopkidWe offer workshops for all ages and skill levels, from the youngest classroom up through teacher training.

Scroll down to see some of the programs we offer. In addition to those listed, we can also create a custom workshop, tailored to integrate with your curiculum.

Ask about bundling workshops with a performance to create a package deal!

All materials from scissors to sequins are furnished by the PuppeTree.

Introduction To Puppetry: An explanation of all the different styles of puppets-featuring professional marionettes and rod, Indonesian wayang golek, hand, and shadow puppets, even toys-from our extensive collection. Hands-on play combined with. question and answers make this and exciting introduction to a puppetry project, study unit, or library program. (All ages; 45 minutes)

Sock Puppets: Found a wash-load of single socks and don’t know what to do with them? Bring them to the Sock Puppet Workshop, where children can give them a future as a wonderful character to love at home or put in play. (K-5; 1 hour)

Hand Puppets: Using what the Puppeteers of America call, “the best hand puppet design,” each participant builds a character for personal play or “the Play.” (All ages; 1.5 hours)

Shadow Puppets: This ancients form of puppetry requires less building and rigging time because we work in 2 dimensions. Students learn how to sew the furnished rods on the puppets This is a great workshop in how to create translucent puppets from recycled materials. Students gather, from home and school, discarded fabric, oak tag folders, notebooks and plastics from packaging. An excellent program for groups with limited resources and time. Part of what we teach is how to take a second look at discarded materials for other uses. (3rd grade an up, 3-4 hours)

A Walk In The Woods: A nature walk becomes the basis for puppet designs. This workshop will expose a new generation to the work of Basil Milovsoroff (1907-1992) who gathered gnarled roots in our New England woods, added a wire or bright color to form exquisite imaginary figures. Students return from these same forests with their finds to add beads, fabric, or whatever, and fashion whimsical puppets. (All ages; time to be determined)

Paper Maché Marionettes: A familiar story, or song provides the idea for building and costuming these marionettes .They are strung on a child-friendly control that has been developed through years of experience. Unique and wonderful marionettes can be built on a base, or armature, made of recycled materials, and then coated with paper maché. They are easily presented to an audience by reading the story or singing the song. Lengthy rehearsals are not necessary. (3rd grade and up; time to be determined)

Building Marionettes: Ten hours of instruction and an equal 10 hours of independent construction time result in a beautiful weighted and strung professional quality cloth Marionette in the student’s own design. A great workshop for children and their parents, or anyone who desires a REAL MARIONETTE. (4th grade and up)

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