Act 2 of Ugly Duckling by 3-5th Graders

(Grade 3-5 would you please line up with your puppets backstage)

Narrator: Act 2 begins with the Ugly Duckling who has grown bigger and maybe uglier! He is in a pleasant meadow full of ladybugs and Bumble Bees. But even the Ladybugs laugh at him and the Bumble Bee laughs at him. Oh Boo Hoo said the Ugly duckling. And he went deeper into the forest.
(Duckling X and exit)
Narrator: Little did the Duckling know that in the friendly sky above the forest, there was an airplane. And a flight attendant forgot to close the hatch where 80 pounds of bubble gum were headed to Canada. The bubble gun fell to the ground hitting and smacking the poor little Ugly Duckling.
Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! He looked up and bubblegum filled his mouth.
Oooh, mmmmm, smack smack smack
This was such a strange taste, no at all the bread crumbs back at the farm.
When he took a breath, a bubble started and grew and grew and grew until it lifted the Duckling off the ground and floating about in the air.
Narrator: Things are looking up but then an eagle (not seen in these parts often) swooped down hoping to have Duckling with Dumpling! But the eagle got all entangled in the bubble gum!
The duckling spit out the bubblegum and went falling and bouncing …into the ocean.
(wave come on and float to top of screen with Duckling swimming)
Narrator: He swam (hum must be a water fowl) by treasure chest and fish, octopus, and sharks, SHARK get out of there….and the duckling just managed to get away from the shark by hiding inside a whale. Oh my goodness, he’s inside a whale!
Now this was a big whale and it was dark and smelled of fish. The duckling started exploring a dark passage …with a light above. When the Whale let off his blow hole and the duckling was carried up into the air and landed on astray surfboard (what are the chances?) in fact, he surfed to the CITY LIMITS OF MEGA CITY.

And that just about ends ACT 2 except the 3-5th grades are going to come in front of the screen and sing a song called The Ugly Duckling from Danny Kaye. The PuppeTree cast needs to go get ready for their scene!
LIGHT CUE: Stage Lights Up