Artist in Residence

Your Group is Our Troupe™

The PuppeTree, Inc. is a company of teaching artists. We present theater arts through puppetry, and also use puppets to educate students in academic subjects— integrated arts .

In our artist-in residence workshops we teach:

• visual arts
• building and operating puppets
• story telling
• theater skills—set design, painting, costume construction, prop building, etc.

All of our workshops end in a performance.

The purpose of these workshops is to actively engage students in the process of creative arts—and to expose them to the thought processes and commitment of a working artist. As a result of these classes, students gain skills in how to work with others in a community setting (which is what theater is), and build hand-eye-mind coordination through actually creating the production. By providing cultural enrichment, our artist-in-residence workshops also enhance students’ awareness and appreciation of the arts.

Because there is no “right or wrong” in the way we present the arts (we don’t judge their work, and no one is singled out as a “star”), the students are given the chance to build self esteem just by participating…they earn it, we don’t give it to them.

Click here to download a PDF of our Workshop Catalog