14 Carrots

Inspired by the art of pop-up books, 14 CARROTS is the story of Aunt Swelly, a mature rabbit trying to enter the job market after years of babysitting. The show is filled with visual surprises, puppets and audience participation for the youngest of children while older kids learn to look critically at the balance between home and work.

This intimate story time performance runs 35 minutes. It’s perfect for a corner of the class room or library with small groups of small children sitting on the floor while Aunt Swelly tells her story and everyone get involved in her search for fame and fortune!

14 Carrots cost $250 and is booking now for Spring and Summer 2012.

After the show—for $3 per child, (15-child minimum)—we can make finger puppets, color a scene from the story, and each child will have a small puppet stage with a finger puppet to take home. The PuppeTree furnishes everything, and we never charge travel fees.


This poster can be printed and colored by children before the performance!