The Legend of Sleepy Hollow with 150 Shadow Puppets

Jul 22, 2012 by

Vermont’s PuppeTree Inc. invites you to take a peek at THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW  with 150 shadow puppets. We are touring from Halloween till Thanksgiving this fall 2012.

And we offer BLOCK BOOKING opportunities for more than one show at different locations.

This is a great show for your K-8th grade school or a night with the community. The shadow show runs 44 minutes and is narrated in Washington Irving’s exact words. The cost is $600 with no other fees like travel or milage. Take a quick peek at the show right now:

“The show was a visual candy store with a masterful integration of overhead and on screen puppetry. Hurray for a theater company that has kept the true spirit of an American classic and respects its audience enough to present a show with meat on its bones and not a lite version of a great story.”

—Steven M. Hollow, Director, Penny Pretzel Playhouse

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