Between Act 2-3 a Surprise Visit from the Turkey Vultures

Between Act 2-3
Narrator: During this scene the Scenery crew hung up Mega City over the forest scenery please. And Sarah Accardi will be our Ugly Duckling.

Narrator: Alas! Our poor Ugly Duckling landed just outside Mega City. He was so shook up from such a creative Act 2 that he crawled back in his shell to recover his composure. And take a nap. (Snoring from the egg)

(Stage lights are already up)
Narrator: Is the Principal here? Oh Good would you go hold the door for the Mega City welcome committee?
(Mort and Fetch enter from gym doors stroll across the gym to either side of the little duckling.)

Narrator: Now who should come alone but Mortie and Fetch, Turkey Vultures who hang around the city limits waiting for FOOD! When the Duckling say the vultures he said YIKES!
Duckling: Yikes!
Narrator: Oh don’t worry Ugly Duckling (vultures both nod “no” and pantomime talking to the Duckling); Turkey Vultures don’t eat food that is still alive. Turkey Vultures don’t eat things still moving! So the duckling started to MOVE! See guys still alive.
(Egg starts dancing around)

Narrator: Wait a minute, maybe you are a Turkey Vulture? Do you have a head with no feathers so that when you stick your head in a carcass and pick up bad bacteria you can sun yourself and that bad bacteria want hurt you?

(Duckling shakes his head NO while the big birds take a good look at him)

Narrator: Our Ugly Duckling had lots of head feathers. And after futher questioning, he had no idea what catching a thermal was about. That’s hot air that vultures ride on for hours and hours without out batting a wing.
Narrator: OK Vultures, this juicy delicious morsel of some kind of bird is obviously not one of you or dead, YET! You guys have to wait (Mort and Fetch are frustrated and hang heads exiting then they see the Principal and look closely at her).
Narrator: Vultures are very important, sort of Nature’s Sanitation Engineers, and they would never hang around something waiting for it to die, that would be morbid. Hey, hey what are you guys doing? I think the Principal is still moving! Go on, there’ll be plenty of good eating if you are patient, wait till you see what happens in ACT 3!

Narrator: Would 6-8 grades please take their places for Act 3