Act 3 by 6-8th Grades of The Ugly Duckling

Act 3

Light Cue: Stage Lights Down

Narrator: Act 3 begins in China Town a neighborhood inside Mega City.
Overhead Projector Cue: China Town

Narrator: The Ugly Duckling was really scared in the city. There were cars whizzing by and trucks. But worst of all he saw Peking Ducks all roasted and DEAD hanging in the window of a Chinese Restaurant. Then the Chief saw the Duckling and the Chief knowing a bargain when he saw one, chased the Duckling with his big cleaver. I just can’t watch this! OH but wait, the Duckling fell into some kind of hole in the street.

Overhead Projector Cue: Sewer

Narrator: The Ugly Duckling though; Oh no where am I? It’s dark and wet and IT SMELLS NASTY! And what is that noise?


Narrator: Rats! The Duckling had fallen into the sewers under Mega City and it was full of Rats! RAPPING RATS!

Music Cue: Rat Rap

Narrator: After being bullied and pick on by the Rats the Duckling ran away deep into the sewers where for the very first time in his life he found a kind creature. The Old Sense Frog had read the original story and assured the Duckling everything would be alright he just followed the LIGHT!

Overhead Projector Cue: Subway

Narrator: So the Ducking followed the light into the subway and finally to a sign that said “P A R K” Park! Oh there were lovely trees in the park, and more trees and some trees had squirrels chattering in their branches. Hummmm did you notice those squirrels didn’t laugh at the Duckling? And then the squirrels scurried off to search for Babysitter bags full of small children’s snacks.

Screen Cue: Strike trees and tape up the pond Center Stage and Stage Right

Narrator: In the center of this beautiful Park was a Pond and on the pond were beautiful Swans. And as the Duckling got closer to the water (which he could not resist) the Swans made comments about him! The swans all said “Hey sweet thing! You one fine feathered creature “kiss, kiss kiss” Come here cutie!
Narrator: Who me asked the Duckling? Yea you! Said the Swans! Look at yourself in the water! And the duckling looked at his reflection in the water and he was a SWAN. With a fine back of white feathers, a noble head and he was BEAUTIFUL.


Narrator- The 5-8th grade has written a lovely song to end our story so I’m going to ask them to come in front of the screen and perform.

5-8th grade RAP

Bow and applause
Narrator: Everyone from Kindergarten to 8th grade and especially all the staff and teachers of Coventry Village School, families and friends this is THE END and I turn the school back over to your principal.