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Our productions are offered in a flexible format for a range of abilities, as well as your group’s time limits and budget. The Puppetree provides the major stage materials and professional scripts, but your group might add costumes from “the closet,” recycle some common objects into puppets, or paint scenery in an art workshop. Then, they do a public performance of the play. Thus the group learns a variety of skills and is exposed to many forms of creative expression. Some may choose to do everything, while others may be more comfortable with only one task.

These productions usually require a larger block of time, but they don’t require a formal stage or auditorium-just an open space with an electric outlet, even outside!

Funny Business: This work gives little performers a chance to clown around with Jack and the Beanstalk. It is full of face paint, pratfalls, vaudeville, and a giant puppet. The Puppetree furnishes 25 clown costumes, and it never fails that there are at least 25 more “at home.” With recorded swing music, this production could have a quickly rehearsed chorus of “thousands.” The 15 singing/speaking rolls require rehearsals (K-6, time to be determined)

Dirty Works At The River: A completely original melodrama teaching conservation for grades 7and 8 in either a one-hour read or a full production done in one week. Costumes are furnished by The Puppetreeā€¦just in the nick of time.

The Primal Ooze: A toy-theatre production using 15 younger children’s playfulness to form a river, its watershed, and pollution using fabric, dance, and movement. (K-5; 45 minutes)

3 From Pooh: A chance for different children to play many familiar roles by passing around a bear hood, picking up a rod puppet or hanging scenery on an umbrella. Very theatrical, with folksy music. Piano player required. Could be produced in the school setting in one week. (K-5; time to be determined)

The Home Front: An Intergenerational program building bridges of understanding between the generations. With help from the New York City Board of Education, The Puppetree developed a questionnaire that grade 5-8 students use to interview WWII veterans or their noncombatant contemporaries. Who would not be put on the spot if asked to just tell about themselves? But, “Where were you on Pearl Harbor Day?” leads into a first-hand history lesson before these precious stories are lost forever. So many women answered that question, “Oh, I was just a housewife listening to the radio,” that we focused this production on a Home Front Radio Broadcast, complete with sound effects and bond drives. This production marked the beginning of a new Community Theatre at PS 217 in Brooklyn, NY.

Emily And The Alien: A production that explores loss for modern children. It uses rock music, one spectacular alien marionette, and shadow puppets that express the main characters’ feelings about divorce and friendship.

La Petite Sirene: A stunning actor and shadow puppet musical of Hans Christian Anderson’s tale built and performed by an Intergenerational group. The production is sensitive to the diverse needs of both children and senior citizens. Interviews before and after rehearsals with the each group demonstrated the change in attitudes and tolerance that takes place during rehearsals. It becomes clear that friendships are not limited by age differences.