Feedback from WORKSHOP @ the Puppetshow Place in Boston

Nov 6, 2010 by

1-10 (poor to excellent)…10
Great Workshop!
Very Well Done
We loved the workshop! Please bring more like these!

Call the PuppeTree about WORKSHOPS or ARTIST RESIDENCIES because we want to put hand made puppet in young people’s hands!

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  1. Irene Dagesse

    Lively and Educational Residency!

    Our K-8 students and staff learned the process of producing a shadow puppet show from story board to the performance for an audience in just 10 hours! It was a very positive experience and increased our appreciation for what goes on behind the scenes. And this experience didn’t end with the completion of the residency, classroom teachers are making plans to incorporate shadow puppets as a product assessment. The varied backgrounds and talents shared by the interns was also a positive experience for students. Overall, having PuppeTree in for the week was a great use of our time.

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