Is Yogurt the Only Culture You Can Afford? The PuppeTree Has the Solution!

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Every fall Vermont’s PuppeTree, Inc. tours two productions: THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW with shadow puppets and CAPS FOR SALE, based on Esphyr Slobodkina’s book, with permission from HarperCollins. Please go to our website at for lesson plans that enrich the performances experience, and a list of our past performances for thousands of people of all ages from New Jersey to Maine.

This is the sixth year for the PuppeTree’s touring production of THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, with over 150 Shadow Puppets and three professional puppeteers. The show runs 44 minutes (narrated with Washington Irving’s original text!), after which we give the audience a backstage view of how the show works—how the puppets are manipulated to control the shadows seen on screen. We even encourage members of the audience to try it for themselves. This is a show for all ages and an exciting and different way to introduce Washington Irving’s words and story to the next generation. Give us a call 802-785-3031 for the special price $600 (now $500)!
Please take a peek at: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow

CAPS FOR SALE is a globe-trotting romp for all ages to celebrate diversity. We pulled out the stops to perform this basic folk tale with all styles of puppetry—from rod puppets to Punch and Judy and Muppet-style puppets—representing a variety of cultures. Yet, there’s always a story twist with each culture depicted. With a background of world music, the puppeteers are always in full view as they revolve on a painter’s scaffolding during the performance, sharing their puppet wizardry with the audience. Cost $800 (now $600) with no other fees.
Take a peek at the show: Caps for Sale!

Workshops are always available after the performance building a puppet with a focus on MATH or SCIENCE. Just ask the Nayatt School in Barrington, RI about the workshops last year building amazing ROD PUPPETS! But SHADOW PUPPETS are our specialty for $3 per student! THIS AMOUNTS TO AN ARTIST RESIDENCY WITH 3 TEACHING ARTISTS!

THERE ARE A FEW DATES THE FIRST OF NOVEMBER FOR SLEEPY HOLLOW AND A COUPLE OF DATES IN NOVEMBER FOR CAPS FOR SALE. By the way, with all of our unique, brightly colored, articulated puppets and great background music, the shows are just plain FUN!
I invite you to call or email.

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  1. Beth Fernandez

    I just saw “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and thought it was terrific. What a lot of puppets! The production really is family-oriented. It captivated my 5-year old as well as my 15-year old. That was pretty impressive. Thanks for a great show!

    Beth Fernandez

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